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15 People Share the Worst Adult Tantrums They’ve Ever Seen

15 People Share the Worst Adult Tantrums They’ve Ever Seen

It’s fairly embarrassing to see an grownup throw a mood tantrum. In reality, it’s type of humiliating. Buuuuuut, we see all of it the day trip in public, don’t we?

15 AskReddit customers shared the worst grownup mood tantrums they’ve ever seen of their lives. Arduous to consider, isn’t it?

1. Amused

“I saw my 21 year old cousin toss his monitor out a second story window because of a video game, then proceed to cry about tossing a $300 screen out a window. Was pretty amusing.”

2. We’re letting you go

“Guy at work got fired for being an a–hole after he was told 3 times to stop being one. He lost it when he was informed he was being let go. That they “knew who he was and how he was” and that he wasn’t being an a–gap and that everybody was an a–gap to him.

Then he began crying about how he was going to die as a result of he wouldn’t be capable of feed his household to lastly as he walked previous my desk went right into a tirade about the way it was my fault he was getting fired (I by no means as soon as complained about him) we labored properly collectively, or so I assumed, come to seek out out later he was threatened by me and had been underhandedly speaking sh!t about me. I used to be oblivious about it since most individuals didn’t let me know and had gone to HR on my behalf.

On his method out he began throwing gadgets off of individuals’s desks yelling and crying and eventually kicked the glass door shattering the glass.

Final I heard he was nonetheless unemployed, as our area is a reasonably small world.”

three. Cupcakes are critical enterprise

“I labored in a cupcake store for a yr and other people get means angrier about these silly tiny muffins than you’d consider. My favourite story is a few lady who got here in to select up an order that she positioned for blue gender reveal cupcakes.

On her order sheet, it stated blue frosting, however didn’t specify a shade, so we selected a light-weight blue because it was for a child bathe. When she got here to select it up she was livid that it was “aqua” and never “child blue”.

The supervisor provided to make her new cupcakes with lighter frosting free of charge. The method of blending frosting doesn’t contain touching or coming near it, so he wasn’t sporting gloves. As he was stirring the dye into the frosting, she stated she didn’t need it anymore since he was making it together with his “filthy disgusting arms”.

She proceeded to throw the field with the preliminary order at the counter, and seeing that it didn’t do a lot, she picked up the particular person cupcakes and threw them at the floor and towards the register.

Once we tried to provide her a refund we requested for the final 4 digits of her card quantity to verify it. She refused, saying she wasn’t going to share that private info in entrance of “all these individuals”… two highschool cashiers and one supervisor.

Edit: I wasn’t the one who gave her the refund and if it was as much as me I wouldn’t have. The shop supervisor gave her a refund as a result of he needed to keep away from her making a fair greater scene.”

four. Thanks so much, woman

“I received on a bus at 5pm, the entire bus was crammed with individuals making an attempt to go house from work. As the bus pulled out, the lady in a automotive behind us should have felt she had been minimize off. So she pulled up beside the bus and began yelling at the bus driver by means of the window. Then pulled her automotive in entrance of the bus and received out to yell some extra.

The bus driver couldn’t drive away and abruptly the police confirmed up. All of us needed to get off the bus and wait for an additional bus or discover one other method house. I made a decision to stroll right down to the ferry so I needed to stroll previous the lady that prompted this and I stared at her making an attempt to know how she might justify screwing up the commute of so many individuals.”

5. Hysterical

“I had a roommate in school who spent cash lavishly and appreciated to purchase garments, put on them a few times with the tags on, then return them. One time we have been at Goal performing some grocery purchasing and she or he tried to return a couple of clothes she had worn. One had a big stain on it and she or he didn’t have the receipt or tags for the others. The cashier stated he couldn’t take them as a result of that they had clearly been broken.

She spent the subsequent 30 minutes crying HYSTERICALLY whereas he tried to disregard her and take a look at different individuals. She sat on the bench outdoors of the Starbucks (that was inside the retailer), dealing with the cashier, and simply stared at him whereas crying. It was so embarrassing and I begged her to cease and simply depart with me.

Ultimately I stated I might go sit in the automotive, and she or he grabbed me and stated “it’s not actual, I’m not likely that upset. I understand how to cry on cue.” That basically freaked me out, how she stopped so all of the sudden to inform me that, then began up wailing once more. I apologized to the safety guard who stated he couldn’t put arms on her to take away her however needed to insist she depart. She stored making an attempt to get different clients to take a look at her and “see what they’re doing to me?”

She sat outdoors the retailer for an additional 10 or so minutes doing this. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t apologize sufficient to everybody there, however I positive tried. Fortunately we solely had 2 months left of dwelling collectively, however I’m fairly positive that was a traditional factor for her to do. Haven’t spoken to her since I moved out.

EDIT: On the means again to our dorms, she did say she would return once more one other week to attempt with one other cashier, and she or he did. She received the return. I’m wondering if she did the similar factor once more they usually simply gave in. I refused to go together with her anyplace after that, however I’m positive she nonetheless does that to get what she needs.”

6. An amazing Subway story

“Don’t know about “worst,” however I went to a Subway in a fuel station (I used to be hungry, and, by no means once more). The ladies behind the counter have been undoubtedly not joyful to be there, and considered one of them was simply completely raging to anybody that may pay attention about how her boyfriend had finished f**ked up, and she or he was going to go house and stab him as quickly as she noticed him, and that she had been in jail earlier than, and she or he was superb with going again once more.

All of this, she’s simply alternately yelling these things and screaming, all whereas individuals are making an attempt to put their orders. So, it was principally like:

“Hi, I’d like to order a chicken –”


“–bacon ranch, on–”


“–wheat, please, toasted, and –”


7. Good man

“I was on the bus once and a guy was sitting in the front at the handicap seats, with a pizza in the seat next to him. The bus wasn’t crowded when he got on, so whatever, but it quickly filled up and he did not move his pizza nor himself. Eventually the bus is packed and someone finally asks, “hey, can you move that pizza so I can sit down?”

He doesn’t even lookup, simply says “F**K YOU. No.”

In order that they ask once more, and being near the entrance the driver says, “you need to move to allow them a seat. That is handicap seating”

“F**k you, too”

Bus is pulled over, and the driver opens the doorways. She asks him to maneuver once more, he says no once more. Doorways keep open, she’s fussing with the buttons on prime and asking for police.

He makes a stink and tells her to maneuver alongside. She’s received her arms folded neatly on the wheel simply watching the street, “not until the police take you off my bus”.

He tantrums for a number of, however lastly does a “f**k this shit” and storms off. As quickly as he’s off the final step, doorways shut and bus is again on its method.

I all the time admired how she simply waited. She knew she didn’t have to put up together with his rubbish, and I’m glad I obtained to see her wait him out.”

eight. Throughout some glasses…

“I labored at an optical retailer. A person got here in with 10 yr previous nasty glasses (inexperienced nostril pads that in all probability weren’t modified in the decade he had them). He throws them on the desk as the arm got here off and demanded we substitute them. I advised him they weren’t underneath guarantee and we don’t carry these glasses (unsure if he even purchased them from us). Greatest I can do is solder them for him to get him by however he gained’t be capable of shut them and they are going to be discolored since I used to be heating them up. Nicely after a full on tantrum he says fantastic.

When he comes again to select them up my coworker handled him as a result of she noticed how pissed I used to be. She provides him the glasses and he’s pissed they aren’t closing and are discoloured (each of which he was informed about). He finally ends up lastly leaving and as he’s strolling out my coworker says “have a nice day”. His response was to throw one among our chairs throughout the room…

We’re in Canada. If he wanted glasses and couldn’t afford them there are authorities packages in place to get new ones…unsure that was his case however simply saying there was no cause to get so upset about previous glasses.

Edit: The protection varies by provinces for low revenue earners. Some provinces don’t cowl it.”

9. Your fault

“I used to be at DFW a number of years again to fly residence. I went to the self service kiosks to print a boarding move. As I’m ready to make use of one, I discover this lady almost screaming at a number of staff who have been making an attempt to calm her down. She stored saying her flight was about to board they usually have been going to make her miss it and she or he wasn’t going to try this in order that they higher fucking determine issues out. I imply she was pissed.

The workers stored making an attempt to assist her however she insisted on typing every thing in herself and it stored being unable to tug up her reservation and she or he wouldn’t present the staff her affirmation e mail as a result of she stored telling them it was their “silly f**king machine” they usually wanted to repair it.

Lastly an worker talks her into displaying him the e mail. He seems at it as she continues to be yelling that her flight is boarding in ten minutes and he says, “Ma’am you’re purported to be flying out of Love Subject, not this airport.”

At this level I’m completed with what I’m doing however I did hear the lady begin crying and the first phrases out of her mouth have been, “Nicely what are you going to do about it?”

As a result of I’m positive in her thoughts it was their fault she will’t learn what airport she belongs at. I’ve fortunately not witnessed too many individuals deal with staff horribly at locations, however this one was incredible as a result of the lady being so horrible had utterly screwed up every part all by herself.”

10. I require higher tenders

“I watched a grown lady bitch at an adolescent in a Sheetz as a result of her hen tenders weren’t the proper form. She stomped her ft and angrily walked out, making an attempt to slam a door that was on a better. Then when it wouldn’t slam, she opened it and shoved it actual onerous to attempt to get it to slam, however the nearer prevented it.

So for like 15-20 seconds she was principally in a battle with a door. Like her physique was flailing about and her hair was whipping round as she was making an attempt to get this door to slam.

Ultimately she gave up and left. The teenager and I simply type of stared at one another in disbelief. She didn’t ask for her a refund, or one other order, she simply stomped out, hen tenderless.

The hen tender field was opened and left on the counter, whereas I’m no hen tender-from a fuel station connoisseur, they stunning a lot seemed like a regular formed hen tender.”

11. Could be slightly unbalanced

“My 24 year old sister couldn’t find her hairbrush so she completely thrashed the house, accused everyone of stealing her hair brush, said she couldn’t use anyone else’s because she has lice which no one knew she had fucking lice, almost broke my Grandmas antique piano, broke glass on the floor, called my dad inappropriate slurs, called my mom a c**t even though she wasn’t home or had anything to do with it, and then found her brush in the corner of her room and laughed over how extreme she acted while everyone else was still getting over just witnessing a 24 year old grown adult destroy the house and scream slurs at the top of her lungs.”

12. One among our regulars

“I used to work at a fast food pizza place, and one of our regulars threw a 15 minute long piss fit because he couldn’t get extra cheese for free. He left, only to come back 5 minutes later and screamed demanding a refund for the pizza he ALREADY ATE because of it. Meanwhile I’m just in the back making dough like :I and my manager is threatening to call the cops if he doesn’t leave. Never wanted to work that shift again knowing he went there regularly. smh”

13. I want a light-weight bulb

“Worked for an electrical supply store for years. We mainly serve professionals, but open to anyone, cause money is money amirite? We were open m-f, but open Saturday mornings till 2, because residential stuff. We had a 100k sq ft warehouse. I had probably 10k different SKUs for different light bulbs. The most terrifying request I could get was “I need a light bulb”.

This weekend in query I used to be appearing supervisor. Woman will get huffy trigger line is lengthy (we took orders and picked em, so it may take a minute). Anyway she steps up, and says the magic phrases, “I need a light bulb”. With a purpose to reply, I want wattage voltage and so forth. Once I ask what type, I’m advised fairly loudly “I don’t know, its the electric kind you idiot”.

Sure ma’am. Go seize a 1000w metallic halide [think parking lot light] and convey it again. Say that shall be 200 bucks. Began screaming about how its not what she wanted. Admittedly my reply of “its the electric kind you idiot” was not the smartest, however I couldn’t assist myself. Monday was fascinating in the boss’s workplace.”

14. Threw a match

“Labored at Taco Bell once I was youthful, center aged mother got here in and threw a match, referred to as the cashier a brainless fool who won’t ever achieve life and demanded a refund.

All as a result of he gave her the improper change quantity again. He was new and only a child, working his first job. He didn’t come again the subsequent day.”

15. Sure, you’re

“Labored at Papa Murphy’s in highschool. A man got here in a single night and ordered a pizza. He requested how lengthy it might take and my supervisor informed him it shouldn’t take greater than 5 minutes. The man appeared just a little stunned however stated he can be again in a bit of bit as a result of he had one thing to select up subsequent door.

Some time later he returns to select the pizza up and upon seeing that the pizza wasn’t baked he flips shit and calls for a refund. He even yelled out “Who the hell doesn’t bake their pizzas?” Instantly after he appears as much as see the signal, “Handmade. Home baked” to which he then retorted, “Well, I guess I’M the a-hole”. “

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