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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Occult Flamewielder (Mage)


Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Version has been out for a number of months now, and with it got here some fascinating modifications to the sport. Whereas most Builds stay largely the identical, there are some modifications that impression the best way you play the sport. Due to this gamers have been asking me to not solely replace these Builds, but in addition create new ones. On this information I might be introducing the Occult Flameweilder, which is lengthy overdue, and explaining simply the way it works.


Un-gearded stats on my Occult Flamewielder (degree 10). From this level on I’ll take Warfare and Pyrokinetic as much as 10 every alternating, solely stopping to put 1 extra level into Necromancer for Silencing Stare.

Occult Flamewielder – Mage Construct

The Occult Flamewielder is a Mage Construct that makes use of each the Pyrokinetic and Necromancer Talent Strains to deal two forms of injury: Bodily and Hearth. Most Mage Builds will be capable of max out no less than 2 faculties of magic, and since they share a standard Attribute (Intelligence), they lose little or no effectiveness. And, what they miss out on in Crucial Injury, they make up for in flexibility of injury varieties. That is true for all Mage Builds, regardless of which faculties of magic they select, however there’s are strong connections between these two within the types of Corpse Explosion and Mass Corpse Explosion.


Torturer is what makes this Construct work. As a result of you’ll be able to debuff enemies to your assaults for 1 AP with Ignition, you possibly can deal substantial injury for a lot of turns.

I’ve made different such “hybrid” Builds with the Terramancer and Crystalline Cleric, however neither of these Builds relied on the Torturer Expertise to be good. That is just because Torturer was modified with the Definitive Version, and earlier than this alteration Earth/Necro and Water/Necro have been simpler than Hearth/Necro. With the Occult Flamewielder we take full benefit of this Expertise to set enemies Burning, decreasing their Hearth Resistance via their Armour, growing the general efficiency of our Pyrokinetic Expertise.

The easiest way to start out this Construct is by choosing the Wizard Class, and altering Geomancer to Necromancer. Then choose the Ignition, Searing Daggers and Mosquito Swarm expertise. This offers you entry to an early recreation Wand, however you’ll need to maintain an eye fixed out for a Defend. So far as Races go, Elf (or Undead Elf) is all the time nice if you play a Necromancer due to Flesh Sacrifice, however you possibly can play this Construct with a Human as properly, for the elevated Important Probability and Essential Injury.


The best way I start an Occult Flamewielder.

Occult Flamewielder Attributes and Gear

So far as Attributes go, you’ll need to pump Intelligence to max as shortly as you possibly can, solely placing factors into Reminiscence to realize Expertise you want, and Structure to make use of a Defend in case you determine to make use of one. As soon as Intelligence is maxed out, you’ll concentrate on Wits to extend your Essential Probability.

Weapon-wise, you’ll be able to go three utterly totally different instructions if you want. You should use a Employees, Wand and Defend or Twin Wands. All will work, however they arrive with their very own benefits and drawbacks. Of the three, I recommend utilizing a Wand and Defend for added Armour, and to have the ability to use the Bouncing Defend talent. Bouncing Defend helps together with your Bodily Injury output, and that helps to maintain the Occult Flamewielder’s injury extra balanced between Bodily and Hearth. Your Wand would ideally be Hearth Injury, and would have Crucial Probability, Intelligence and a Rune Slot if potential.


Bull Rush scales with Intelligence when utilizing a Wand or Employees, and does the injury sort of these. This makes it completely viable for a Mage Construct, and offers some mobility.

Armour-wise you may be utilizing Intelligence-based Armour, as that’s the place nearly all of your Attribute factors will lie. This provides you with excessive Magic Armour, which is nice as a result of Pyrokinetic Builds are likely to ship Hearth in all places, and that may often hit you at times. Prioritize Intelligence, Pyrokinetic and Warfare, however Essential Probability and Wits are additionally good.

Occult Flamewielder Talents and Skills

Occult Flamewielders will start the sport with 1 level into Necromancer and 1 into Pyrokinetic. They’ll then place 1 level into Warfare to acquire Bouncing Defend, adopted by some extent into Polymorph to get Bull Horns and Bleed Hearth. Then it’s 1 extra level into Pyrokinetic to realize Fireball and Spontaneous Combustion. Now place 1 level into Necromancer to realize Infect. From right here on out you’ll alternate between Warfare and Pyrokinetic till they’re maxed out.

So far as Skills go I’d advocate the next:

Torturer – This Expertise must be taken first by all Pyrokinetic Builds as a result of it lets you Set Burning out of your very first assault, permitting subsequent assaults to deal elevated injury. Take this one throughout Character Creation.

Elemental Affinity – This Expertise permits you to forged many Necromancer Expertise should you use Flesh Sacrifice or Raining Blood, and lots of Pyrokinetic Expertise in case you are standing in hearth (which occurs). Take this one second.

Savage Sortilege – This Expertise will permit your Pyromancer and Necromancer Expertise to critically strike, along with Bouncing Defend. Contemplate taking this one when your Crucial Probability hits about 20% across the starting of Act 2.

Executioner – Since you deal two totally different injury varieties you’ll be poised to “finish off” enemies it doesn’t matter what Armour sort they’ve probably the most of. This makes Executioner an awesome selection for this Construct and must be thought-about afterward within the recreation.

Far Out Man – This Expertise works nicely for this Construct as a result of it will increase the vary of Infect, Mosquito Swarm, Bouncing Defend, Bleed Hearth, Fireball, Corpse Explosion, Laser Ray, Spontaneous Combustion and Bull Rush. If you end up not gaining the Executioner bonus AP typically, then use this Expertise as an alternative.

Occult Flamewielder Expertise

Occult Flamewielders will use a mixture of Pyrokinetic, Necromancer, Polymorph and Warfare Expertise. Whereas this will likely sound like a broad funding of stat factors at first look, many of those Expertise have overlapping necessities. This truly makes them match collectively fairly nicely, which you’ll be able to see from the listing under.

Character Creation

Ignition – This talent will set Burning on enemies in a big AoE, with the Torturer Expertise. It additionally avoids friendlies and offers modest Hearth Injury, so it’s a very good utility talent for 1 AP. You’ll use this primary to debuff enemies you want to purse with Pyro Expertise.

Searing Daggers – An honest talent that lets you Set Burning on many enemies, if not struck already with Ignition, or focus hearth 1 down. You gained’t use it a lot later within the recreation, nevertheless it’s helpful early on.

Mosquito Swarm – Offers respectable injury and Units Bleeding by way of Armour with the Torturer Expertise. It has excellent vary (13 meters) and heals you for an honest quantity of Vitality, which is good.

Character Ranges 1-Three

Corpse Explosion – An awesome Crafted Talent that offers insane Bodily Injury for 1 AP, and one that only a few Builds are poised to take full benefit of. Can hit a number of enemies, simply ensure to not hit your get together members!

Bleed Hearth – This Crafted Talent is a good way to additional scale back the Hearth Resistance enemies have, permitting you to deal much more injury together with your Pyro Expertise. As well as, it locations Hearth beneath enemies, prompting them to waste AP shifting.

Bouncing Defend – This talent works rather well with this Construct as a result of it doesn’t scale off of Power, solely Warfare, which you’ll have lots of. You may as well improve the injury by upgrading your Defend, which you may be doing periodically.

Bull Rush – This Talent might appear to be an odd match right here, and you wouldn’t be flawed. Nevertheless, with the Torturer Expertise you possibly can Set Bleeding by means of Armour, and it scales with Intelligence and offers Hearth Injury when you have a Hearth Wand outfitted. This lets you deal extra Hearth Injury, Set Bleeding and provides you some mobility if it’s essential to transfer out of a nasty state of affairs.

Character Ranges Four-Eight

Fireball – An incredible AoE that offers respectable injury and will help management the battlefield. This can be your major supply of burst Hearth Injury till you achieve Laser Ray later within the recreation, so make the perfect use of it you’ll be able to.

Spontaneous Combustion – An incredible ranged talent that not solely offers respectable injury, but in addition consumes the Burning and Necrofire Standing Results of an enemy into immediate Hearth Injury. Since you possibly can Set Burning once more simply with the Torturer Expertise, use typically to deal burst single-target injury.

Infect – Offers substantial single-target Bodily Injury at lengthy vary, however has a hefty value of three AP. Use this one solely when you’ve Elemental Affinity, or would achieve the Executioner bonus for doing so to maximise AP effectivity.

Character Ranges 9 and Up

Laser Ray – An awesome injury dealing talent that may hit a number of targets in a straight line. You’ll use this talent and Fireball for almost all of your Hearth Injury with this Construct. Bull Rush can be utilized to place your self for max impact.

Mass Corpse Explosion – This talent is tough to make use of successfully however when you possibly can it offers devastating injury for 1 AP and 1 SP. Attempt to use when corpses are grouped in your goal. Can one shot enemies if executed proper.

Bone Cage – An excellent talent for buffing up your Armour and the extra lifeless our bodies across the higher. Attempt to save this one for mid battle after no less than 1 or 2 enemies have gone down for max impact.

Silencing Stare – This talent is a good way to strip Magic Armour of enemies which are extremely Hearth Resistant. Use this to assist out your different get together members who deal Magic Injury varieties when your Hearth Injury won’t be useful.

Deflective Barrier – An ideal talent for buffing your Bodily Armour and in addition dealing some injury to enemies. I like to make use of this flip 1 or 2 of any engagement to get the perfect outcomes.

Problem – This talent prices zero AP, will increase your injury and boosts your Armour. What extra might you need? You gained’t get it till degree 16, however just remember to do!

Remaining Ideas

As a result of the Occult Flamewielder can do both Bodily or Hearth Injury, it’s suggested that they go after the primary Bodily Injury supplier and Magic Supplier in your celebration. This can present them the chance to see how the primary few turns play out, and permit them to make judgments on which targets to prioritize based mostly on remaining Armour/Vitality values. This must be no drawback in case you are enjoying with a Wand and Defend, since you need to have the ability to stand up to injury till you attain your flip no drawback. You’ll be able to Delay your flip if wanted.

When putting a Occult Flamewielder into your get together, you’ll need to put them in a combined injury bunch. Ideally you’d have one other Bodily Injury supplier, one other Magic Injury supplier and maybe one other cut up injury sort (similar to an Archer or Summoner). You’ll additionally need to keep away from putting them with any Water Injury based mostly characters, since these two injury varieties don’t work properly collectively.

Elemental Affinity may be troublesome to realize, notably in case you are not an Elf. Seering Daggers is a good way to realize it for hearth, for those who fling one dagger at your self. Contemplate including Raining Blood as a result of it not solely will give it to you, however it’s going to Set Bleeding by way of Armour due to the Torturer Expertise.

Lastly, this can be a extra superior Construct. This isn’t solely true due to the cut up injury varieties, but in addition as a result of Hearth Injury can harm your celebration members very simply. When you’ve got a Warrior out entrance swinging away, he’s not going to be thrilled should you drop a Fireball on his head. This implies you’ll have to calculate and plan accordingly, and I extremely advise protecting your melee unit(s) on the outer edges of fight, in order that the center is open for AoEs.

Remember to take a look at our different Construct Guides! Good luck Sourcerers, Rivellon is relying on you!