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Pillars Of Eternity 2 Cleric Build Guide: Unholy Champion

On this Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Build Information we’re going to be looking at a Cleric, which is a Fighter and Priest Multiclassed character. The main target of this Build is on the newly added Priest subclass referred to as Woedica, which introduces new spells to the combination. I’ll be offering info on Attributes, Weapons, Armor, and most significantly, what Talents to take and how one can use them. This construct was created on the model of the sport on Path of the Damned Problem, with Scaling solely Upwards turned on.

Woedica Cleric Build Information

This construct is a mixture of Tank and Debuffer, and is only one of some ways you’ll be able to construct across the new Woedica subclass. I discover this mix very highly effective and helpful for the staff as a result of it makes use of every part at its disposal to closely debuff enemies whereas Tanking, filling 2 roles with one character. Typical tank builds don’t do a lot besides stand and take hits, however this one is the exact opposite. Not solely does it do much more, it’s far more dynamic.

This construct focuses on excessive survivability and debilitating enemies.

Clergymen of Woedica positive aspects 5 new spells referred to as Writs, and every Writ places totally different AoE debuffs which final for a superb period of time. These Writs differ from Afflictions akin to Staggered, to enemies not with the ability to use talents or spells of any type. It’s a very highly effective subclass if used appropriately, nevertheless, when Multiclassing we lose entry to Writ of Mending. Fighter is a superb Multiclassing choice as a result of it will increase survivability and its talents grant Focus, amongst different advantages, which is essential since we’re casting in melee vary on a regular basis and getting interrupted might be problematic in any other case.

Subclass talents recap:

Priest of Woedica

Routinely learns these talents:


  • +1 enemies Engaged
  • +10 Penetration with Disengagement assaults
  • +1 Armor Score when sporting Defend
  • -10% Stride
  • -15 Reflex

Unholy Champion Attributes and Race

For this specific construct we’ll dump May since we aren’t doing any injury that might matter. We do some therapeutic via Second Wind, however it’s going to be boosted via Athletics so no have to pump factors into May simply due to that. Each different Attribute is essential although. Structure will increase max Well being and Fortitude, Dexterity decreases Restoration and will increase Spellcasting velocity, Notion will increase Accuracy in order that we will hit with Writs and every little thing else, Mind will increase Will Protection, Period and the AoE measurement of spells and Resolve decreases hostile impact period, will increase Deflection and Will Protection. Notion is an important Attribute for this construct as a result of we need to have an effect on as many enemies as attainable with the debuffs, and we don’t need to miss with Spells since utilization is restricted. Mind is second most necessary Attribute as a result of it will increase period of these debuffs.

Beneficial attribute unfold can be one thing like this

Any Race that has some defensive bonuses is an effective selection for this construct to extend surviveability. Nature and Hearth Godlike are additionally good however provided that you shouldn’t have Beast of Winter DLC as a result of Helm of the Void is ideal match for this construct. Listed here are some good Race decisions for this construct (take away May bonuses if they’ve any, and put them into one thing else):

  • Wild Orlan: -1 MIG, +2 PER and +1 RES. Elevated resistance towards Resolve afflictions.
  • Mountaint Dwarf: +1 MIG, +1 CON, -1 DEX. Elevated resistance towards Structure afflictions.
  • Any Elf: +1 DEX, +1 PER. Each supply some resistances.
  • Hearth Godlike: +1 DEX, +1 INT. When Bloodied or Close to Dying achieve further AR, resistance to Burn injury.
  • Nature Godlike: +1 DEX, +1 INT. Achieve +1 to Energy Degree when underneath the impact of any MIG, CON or DEX inspiration.

Unholy Champion Gear

Since this can be a tank construct that doesn’t do any vital injury, it is very important give attention to having Armor and Defend upgraded always. The perfect weapon selection can be a Dagger or Spear due to their Modal talents. Daggers trades Injury for Deflection and Spears trades Stride for extra Engagement. If you will get one thing that moreover decreases Restoration that might be nice with the intention to forged Spells extra incessantly. You’ll need to use a Medium Defend for this Build due to the penalty to Accuracy that larger Shields inflict. Medium is pretty balanced because it provides +eight to Deflection and solely -Four Accuracy. Most Shields are unbelievable so it doesn’t matter that a lot which one you select. I went with Nerian’s Ward as a result of it reduces injury acquired as Well being is misplaced and it converts assaults into much less harmful variations of them (15% Graze to Miss, Hit to Graze, Crit to Hit).

Armor of selection for this Build is a few kind of Heavy one. Tanks want probably the most safety so its a no brainer. Each Crimson Panoply and Patinated Plate are nice decisions, however you should use others if you want. Helm of the White Void is very beneficial as a result of it provides +10 Accuracy to any Thoughts or Physique affliction assault. All Writs fall into that class!

As for different gadgets go for something that will increase Notion and Mind. Torc of the Falcon’s Eyes provides +2 Notion which is excellent, particularly since we’re utilizing a Defend which decreases Accuracy by default. That is good merchandise to offset that. One other merchandise that is excellent for Tanks generally is The Timeless Burden. It grants Second Wind, +2 Structure and incoming weapon injury is lowered as Well being is misplaced.

Unholy Champion Talents

For this construct we have to have the Fighter talents Tactical Barrage, Unbending Trunk and Refreshing Protection. Unbending and Refreshed Protection are incredible for growing surviveability and Tactical Barrage places each the Conscious and Acute buffs which improve Notion and Mind by 5 and add +1 to Energy Degree.

Priest have many spells at their disposal however factors shouldn’t be wasted a lot on these. We have already got Writs and in addition to these nothing else is required besides Barring Demise’s Door. It’s higher to make use of remaining factors on passives that might improve protection in a method or one other. There are many helpful Spells, nevertheless. Factor is you’re more likely to have one other Priest within the social gathering that’s devoted healer and may use all these Spells you don’t need to waste factors on. Selecting couple from the out there ones is okay however don’t go overboard.


Tactical Barrage – Grants Focus, in addition to the Conscious (+5 to PER, 50% of Grazes transformed to Hits) and Acute (+5 PER, +1 Energy Degree) buffs. Its an ideal match as a result of it boosts Notion, Mind and it grants Focus as nicely. Upgraded from Disciplined Barrage.

Conquerer Stance – When Harm or above, get +5 to Accuracy. When Bloodied or under, get +5 to Deflection. Each bonuses wanted for this construct.

Refreshing Protection – Provides +20 to all Defenses and grants Focus. Unbelievable defensive capability that lasts longer the extra we get hit. Often wants just one forged per fight because it lasts a very very long time on Tanks. Upgraded from Vigorous Protection.

Unbending Trunk – 33% of injury acquired transformed to Therapeutic. What extra is there to say about this, it heals you once you get hit, making it good for a tank.

Speedy Restoration – Well being regeneration that prompts when fight begins and lasts for a very long time. Among the best general Talents any Fighter can have, however notably helpful to tanks.

Willpower – Provides +20 to all defenses towards Mind, Notion and Structure afflictions. General nice defensive passive, and passives are good to have as a result of they take no managing by any means.

Bear’s Fortitude – Provides +10 to Fortitude protection. With such low May, Fortitude is our weakest defensive stat so this passive turns into essential to scale back the deficit.

Fearless – Elevated Resistance towards Resolve afflictions. One other nice passive that merely makes us more durable to kill.

Superior Deflection – Provides +Four to Deflection protection. Whereas this won’t appear to be lots, Deflection is an all or nothing proposition, so having the very best worth you’ll be able to will make the distinction.

Armored Grace – Reduces Armor Restoration Penalty by -25%. It isn’t flat lower. As an alternative Heavy armor that has +55% Restoration will now have round +42% Restoration as an alternative, which isn’t fairly nearly as good, however nonetheless efficient.

Unbreakable – Revives you if you die with 100 Well being, +10 to all defenses and +2 to Armor Score for 30 secs. A tremendous capability that ought to be taken for any construct utilizing the Fighter class as a result of it will possibly flip defeat right into a victory.


Barring Demise’s Door – Nice capacity that forestalls dying for sure period of time. Works greatest with excessive Mind builds which improve its Period, just like the one we’re operating.

Weapon and Defend Fashion – Provides +6 to Defend Deflection and complete Defend Deflection bonus is now added to Reflex protection. Unbroken Fighters will get -15 penalty to Reflex so this can be a nice option to counter that.

Spell Shaping – Enables you to improve or lower the AoE measurement of Writs and different AoE Spells on the value or advantage of Energy Degree. The shorter the AoE, the larger Energy Degree bonus you get. With a much bigger radius, Energy Degree is decreased. Simply watch out to not hit allies with Writs.

Speedy Casting – Provides +10 Motion Velocity with Spell. Very helpful since we forged a whole lot of spells.


Unholy Champion Talents Rotation

Firstly of every battle use Refreshing Protection and Tactical Barrage. These will increase your survivability, probability to hit with spells and improve the Period of spells. Each have on the spot forged occasions so you’re losing no time doing so. Then start casting Writs. Writ of Engagement is incredible towards just about everybody as a result of it reduces May by 5, which means much less injury and therapeutic carried out. Forged different Writs as nicely, since enemies can have a number of lively debuffs directly. Because of excessive Mind they may final for round 30-40 seconds, which is an effective period of time. Unbending Trunk is used once you drop to about 40%-50% well being. As well as, we’ve 2 Second Wind talents (if utilizing The Timeless Burden belt), which may restore a big quantity of Well being in case you have excessive Athletics. And lastly, Unbroken is there in case we die, regardless of all the opposite issues retaining us alive. None of this issues although should you merely use Barring Dying’s Door that forestalls dying within the first place.

  1. Refreshing Protection/Tactical Barrage
  2. Writs
  3. Unbending Trunk at round half well being
  4. Second Wind at round 20-30% well being
  5. Barring Demise’s Door when determined

Ultimate Ideas

This construct is efficient all through the sport so long as you’ve good gear that gives respectable defensive bonuses. Writ of Engagement is out there at degree 1, as is Disciplined Barrage. At that time your surviveability won’t be excessive, however as you degree up it’s going to improve considerably because of numerous passive bonuses. Ensure you have a Healer within the get together although. Regardless of how highly effective this Tank is, it’s nonetheless going to wish some heals. Particularly on Path of the Damned.

At greater ranges dying turns into a problem despite the fact that this isn’t full tank construct.

The Talent I might advocate probably the most is certainly Athletics. Having Second Wind is saving grace at occasions, and the therapeutic quantity scales with Athletics. Alchemy is sweet selection too however be warned that Attribute bonuses from Medicine and Potions don’t stack with Inspiration bonuses. So in case you have Minor Avatar it might be ineffective in that case as a result of solely highest bonus can be used.

Keep tuned for extra Pillars of Eternity 2 Build Guides, as we make some extra particular Guides overlaying a number of the most enjoyable and fascinating mixtures we might discover. If there’s a particular mixture you want to see, please submit within the feedback and we’ll do our greatest to accommodate!