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Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Builds Guide: Psyblade (Phantom Tactician)


On this Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Construct Information we’re going to be looking on the Brute Class, which is a mix of Fighter and Cipher. I’ll be offering info on Attributes, Weapons, Armor, and most significantly, what Talents to take and easy methods to use them. Please needless to say that is my Psyblade Construct, and there are lots of methods you’ll be able to construct this class, and this isn’t the one one. Should you’re new to Pillars of Eternity 2, otherwise you simply love creating characters as a lot as I do, then this Information is for you. Please word that this Construct Information is up to date for the model of the sport, and does work with it!


Default stats on my Psyblade.

Phantom Tactician Construct

This Psyblade Construct combines the dependable fight injury of the Fighter Class, with an assortment of debilitating Cipher spells, for a potent “hybrid” combine. Not solely will you deal unimaginable single goal injury with this Construct, however it is possible for you to to maintain many many enemies debuffed directly, leading to extra dependable endeavors out of your teammates. This Construct is the last word combine of martial and caster playstyles!



The Phantom Tactician Construct depends on the passive profit of the Tactician Fighter Subclass to regain assets when all enemies are Flanked and none of your social gathering members are. At first look this looks like a frightening process, however when you’ll be able to forged the Cipher Means Phantom Foes at will, you’ll be able to meet the circumstances for Sensible Tactician very reliably. This leads to a gentle provide of Self-discipline which you need to use for Penetrating Strike.

Phantom Tactician Sublcasses

For Cipher you possibly can choose both Beguiler, Ascendant or No Subclass for this Construct. Beguilers are nice right here as a result of of all of the Afflictions you may be casting throughout fight, however Ascendant can also be a strong selection. In the event you select Beguiler make sure you all the time use Phantom Foes first, since it is advisable assault Stricken or Flanked enemies to get the bonus injury from Soul Whip. When you selected Ascendant you’ll need to assault as a lot as potential to succeed in the Ascended standing after which spam a bunch of Cipher spells, together with Phantom Foes. No Subclass permits you the pliability to forged or assault in whichever order you would like.


Flanked reduces the Armor and Deflection of the enemies forged upon, so your celebration has a neater time coping with them.

For Fighter the apparent selection right here is the Tactician Subclass, becausethe complete Construct revolves round it. With the ability to regain assets by way of the Sensible Inspiration permits you to keep regular injury in fight. Only a few Subclasses are in a position to do that, making it somewhat distinctive.

The draw back is that you’re higher off enjoying a Tactician from vary since you get some dangerous Afflictions in case you are Flanked (Shaken/Confused), and that is much less more likely to happen when you aren’t on the entrance strains. As well as you lose Accuracy and Penetration when not concentrating on an enemy that’s threatened by an ally, and it’s simpler to pick these enemies with a Ranged Weapon. This implies you’ll miss out on one of the Fighters greatest talents in Cleaving/Mob Stance.


This Subclass works “Brilliantly” with Cipher!

Phantom Tactician Weapons and Armor

One of the advantages of enjoying a Tactician Fighter, as an alternative of a Devoted one as a Psyblade, is that you’re free to vary Weapons alongside the best way. This lets you check out many various Distinctive Ranged Weapons via out the course of the sport, and is nice for enjoying new DLCs, or should you don’t know what you need to use. Make sure to choose Weapon Proficiency with a number of Ranged Weapons as you degree up, so as to achieve the profit of Assured Purpose, Weapon Specialization, and Weapon Mastery when utilizing them.


Pistols are an incredible selection for this Construct since they take full benefit of Penetrating Strike, however are usually not required.

Armor can be a private choice, however I extremely advocate any that has low Restoration Time with the intention to hearth quicker. Since you aren’t going to be Partaking enemies, in the event you will help it, your objective must be to burn down enemies earlier than they will assault you. This implies the bottom attainable Restoration Time, to extend the quantity of assaults and casts you get.

Psyblade Talents

On this part we’re going to cowl the “must have” Psyblade Talents for this Construct. You’re free to select and select which you need outdoors of these as a result of everybody’s fashion of play is totally different and there’s no good approach. Nevertheless, these ones shall be wanted for this Construct to work successfully.

Fighter Talents

Disciplined Barrage – This capacity will increase your Notion, and converts 50% of Grazes to Hits. That is nice for not solely your weapon assaults, but in addition your Cipher spells.

Fighter Stances – These Stances develop into out there at degree four and though you gained’t be utilizing Cleaving Stance, Warrior Stance does improve the Accuracy of your weapon assaults and Cipher spells, so is an effective match.

Assured Goal – This passive additionally helps to transform Grazes to Hits, however solely with proficient weapons. Nonetheless, it does assist together with your general injury output, notably on more durable difficulties.

Disciplined Strikes – This improve of Disciplined Barrage will increase the probability that you’ll Crit by 25%, which helps improve our general injury. You possibly can take Tactical Barrage when you choose, you’ll simply be buying and selling injury for improved Cipher spells.

Penetrating Strike – Because you’ll be enjoying ranged, this might be your main type of attacking enemies. It’s a Full Assault, so you could think about twin wielding Pistols or Blunderbusses, however it does work properly with Bows and Arquebuses as nicely.

Weapon Specialization – This passive will additional improve the injury together with your proficient weapons, so it’s a nice selection.

Armored Grace – This potential will scale back the penalty you’re taking to Restoration Time when sporting Armor. This can can help you put on Mild Armor with virtually no penalty.

Improved Crucial – This passive will additional improve your Crit Injury, and you may be doing a lot of Crits so it helps.

Weapon Mastery – One other passive that will increase injury so that you decide it up. You possibly can by no means have sufficient passives that do that, and Fighters possess many, which is nice.

I’ve not added any “weapon style” passives right here as a result of it will actually depend upon the way you wish to play. I recommend both Two-Handed Fashion or Two Weapon Type, however don’t take these till you’ve discovered the fashion you favor. Simply be sure to do, upon getting, as a result of they’re very excellent. As well as, Fearless is a superb passive you’ll be able to take that may take away the Shaken Affliction do you have to develop into Flanked, however isn’t required.

Cipher Talents

Iron Will – This passive will offset the loss in Will from low Resolve, so it’s value choosing up.

Lingering Echoes – This passive extends the Period of all Afflictions brought on by the Cipher, which suggests Phantom Foes will last more. You’ll get so much of use out of this one, so take it early.

Phantom Foes – This means permits you to set Flanked on all enemies in a HUGE radius. This capability is what permits this Construct to work so take it instantly upon reaching degree four.

Biting Whip – Take this improve of Soul Whip to get extra injury together with your weapons as a result of you’ll not have a problem gaining Focus with this Construct.

Secret Horrors – This potential is a tremendous Foe AoE that units Sicked and Frightened on all enemies in that space of impact. I like to make use of this after Phantom Foes with a purpose to actually debuff enemies.

Hammering Ideas – This passive will increase your Penetration with all weapons, which is insanely good. This could actually up your injury when dealing with extremely armored enemies.

Ringleader – This capacity is a good way to show the tide of battle, and make situations the place you’re outnumbered into a fair match. This one spell could make all of the distinction on the planet.

The Empty Soul – This capacity will increase your Cipher spell Accuracy by +10, which is rather a lot! Take this one when you’ll be able to, as a result of you will want all of the Accuracy you will get with this Construct.

Thoughts Plague – One other capability that debuffs enemies, making them Dazed and Confused. You possibly can by no means have sufficient debuffs, and also you’ll need to pile them on with this Construct.

Larger Focus and Eager Thoughts are each respectable passives for this Construct, however aren’t vital. You’ll achieve Focus fairly quickly regardless, and you’ll discover you virtually all the time have an excessive amount of of it (if that’s potential). Nonetheless you’ll be able to choose them when you take pleasure in casting spells extra typically.

Phantom Tactician Attributes

On this part we’ll cowl Attributes for the Phantom Tactician Construct, and clarify a bit about every and why we’d like it or why it’s necessary. Phantom Tacticians want Notion, Mind and Dexterity. They will dump Resolve if wanted, however Structure and May ought to be left untouched if potential, so that you simply aren’t to squishy and your injury doesn’t endure.

Notion is essential for not solely connecting together with your weapon assaults, but in addition your Cipher spells. For those who can’t overcome the enemy’s Will then you definitely can’t make Flank them, and you can’t make this Construct work. That’s the reason it’s essential to max Notion throughout Character Creation.

Mind will increase the AoE measurement of your Cipher spells, and also you need them to hit as many targets as attainable. The good factor is that they’re ALL Foe AoEs, so that you don’t have to fret about hitting pleasant targets. 15 or so factors right here is sweet.

Dexterity is necessary for attacking shortly, enhancing the velocity at which you deal injury. Because you need to burn issues down shortly from behind your entrance line, you need to assault as quick as you’ll be able to. Dexterity helps with that, so that you need at the very least 15 factors right here throughout Character Creation.

Last Ideas

Race shouldn’t be notably necessary to this Construct, so it doesn’t actually matter a lot which you select. Fireside Orlan isn’t a nasty selection, because it will increase your Essential Probability and provides you probably the most beginning Notion, however Elf can also be a sensible choice. Choose no matter you would like and don’t fear an excessive amount of about it.

Attempt to keep away from choosing Cipher spells that deal injury as a result of even with the excessive Notion, you aren’t actually setup for “damage casting”. It’s because you gained’t have passives like Penetrating Visions, and Speedy Casting, that may actually assist with this fashion of play. Additionally, you will have low May, which isn’t perfect. Stick with enemy debuffs or pleasant buffs for these causes when choosing spells to make use of.


Keep away from Cipher spells like Thoughts Lance to save lots of Focus for Affliction sort spells.

You possibly can truly play this Construct as a melee character if you want, however you will want to watch out about positioning so that you’re not Flanked. Thoughts Plague is important when doing so, as a result of it prohibits enemies from Partaking, which prevents you from being Flanked. This can be a more durable approach to play, however it may be completed with a bit of apply.

Lastly, you’ll want to equip gadgets that improve your Notion or Accuracy as a way to get extra Hits and Crits together with your Cipher spells. Gadgets like Acina’s Tricorn or Gauntlets of Accuracy are nice for this Construct as a result of they work with each Weapons and Cipher spells. Make sure to use meals once you relaxation that will increase Accuracy as nicely, for even greater values!


Nice for Pistols and spells!

Keep tuned for extra Pillars of Eternity 2 Construct Guides, as we make some extra particular Guides overlaying some of probably the most enjoyable and fascinating mixtures we might discover. If there’s a particular mixture you want to see, please submit within the feedback and we’ll do our greatest to accommodate!