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Pillars Of Eternity 2 Holy Slayer Build Guide: Righteous Rejuvenator

On this Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Build Information we’re going to be looking at Holy Slayer, multiclass between Paladin and Rogue. Focus right here is on the newly added Paladin subclass Metal Garrote. I’ll be offering info on Attributes, Weapons, Armor, and most significantly, what Talents to take and the way to use them. This construct was created on the model of the sport and on Path of the Damned Problem with Scaling solely Upwards turned on.

Holy Slayer Multiclass Build Information

This multiclass construct makes use of the Streetfighter Rogue and Metal Garrote Paladin to maintain itself whereas preventing a number of enemies directly, dealing large single goal injury and therapeutic via the Metal Garrote’s subclass passive, which heals you for a portion of injury dealt vs. Stricken enemies.

Huge Injury numbers and respectable self heals. What’s to not like about this construct.

Streetfighters focus on preventing a number of enemies directly on account of decreased Restoration Time of 50%, and elevated Sneak Assault injury by 50%, when Flanked or Bloodied and elevated Weapon Crit injury by 100% when each Flanked and Bloodied. Metal Garotte grants the Garrote capacity that Paralyzes one enemy, offers Uncooked injury whereas Paralysis is lively, and after the impact ends the goal turns into Susceptible. It’s a helpful capacity to take away one enemy from the battle for brief time period whereas performing some injury. The passive that we’re going to profit probably the most from is 15% Weapon Injury towards bothered enemies returned as therapeutic. It isn’t an insane heal by any means however with this construct it’s going to maintain us whereas we cope with the enemies.

Subclass talents recap:


  • Lowered Restoration by 50% and elevated Sneak Assault injury by 50% when Bloodied or Flanked
  • Elevated Weapon Crit Injury by 100% when each Bloodied and Flanked
  • Elevated Restoration by 20% when neither Flank nor Bloodied

Metal Garrote

  • 15% of Weapon Injury returned as heal
  • Grants Garrote potential

Attributes and Race

Each attribute is beneficial for this construct, however we have to make cuts someplace sadly. That’s the reason specializing in MIG, DEX and PER are the precedence. MIG impacts the injury we do, which is actually necessary since we get 15% again as therapeutic. Extra injury means extra therapeutic. DEX is used to strike enemies extra typically which results in larger DPS and extra frequent heals. PER is crucial stat for any DPS class as a result of it improve Accuracy. If we can’t hit an enemy then we can’t heal (or kill them). On greater difficulties it’s more durable to hit enemies resulting from elevated Deflection. Leaving the remaining at 10 is really helpful as a result of every little thing presents one thing to this construct. INT impacts the Period and AoE measurement of Enduring Beacon and Garrote, RES will increase Deflection, and CON well being.


You need to use any race however some work higher for this specific construct. These are one of the best decisions:

  • Human: +1 to MIG and RES. Elevated Accuracy and injury when Bloodied or Close to Dying.
  • Moon Godlike: +1 to DEX and INT. Provoke therapeutic wave when at Well being threshold (Harm, Bloodied and Close to Demise)


This construct isn’t gear dependent, which provides you loads of selection on the subject of what to equip. The Weapon we’re utilizing is both a Greatsword or Two Battle Axes. The Greatsword has modal capacity, Savage Assault, that will increase injury by 30% however decreases accuracy by -10. Battle Axes have a passive that will increase Crit injury by 20%. For Greatsword I went with Sanguine Greatsword as a result of it has an improve that restores 10 Well being in 6 secs upon scoring Crit. Its not a lot however it provides up. Twin Eels is one other incredible selection however it requires the Beast of Winter DLC.  It heals the wearer and allies upon killing an enemy and will increase Hit to Crit ratio with Weapon assaults. Each of those bonuses scale with Faith. An instance of a great Battle Axe can be Magran’s Favor with Everlasting Devotion as a result of it will increase Hearth Ranges, does Burn injury as nicely, and has Blazing Core improve which heals wielder for a bit when hanging an enemy.

There are a few Armors that match nicely with this construct. First it is advisable to determine which one you need to put on, medium or mild. Medium gives extra safety, whereas Mild presents decreased Restoration Time. Some good decisions for Medium Armor can be The Bloody Hyperlinks (numerous bonuses when Bloodied), Contender’s Armor (extra enemies engaged and lowered Restoration per Athletics talent), Satan of Caroc Breastplate (Well being restored on Crit and decreased Restoration) and Casita Samelia’s Legacy (elevated Deflection with Intimidate talent). As for Mild Armor, Swift Hunter’s Garb and Miscreant Leather-based since each lower Restoration and injury taken whereas Flanked or from Flanking Assaults.

From different gadgets I might advocate Champion’s Cape (10% probability to do a Main Assault Riposte when an enemy targets Deflection and misses), Maker’s Personal Energy (Reforge the Flesh means that heals and reduces incoming injury by 85% however makes you paralyzed through the course of), and for palms one thing like Woedica’s Strangling Grasp (+2 MIG and grants Garrote so that you shouldn’t have to waste Zeal to make use of it), Aegor’s Swift Contact (+1 DEX, +5% Motion Velocity with Weapon) or Gatecrashers (+1 MIG, AoE Stun capability and probability to Knock Down enemy upon scoring Crit). Usually what you’re on the lookout for are gadgets that increase PER, MIG or DEX for all slots.

Holy Slayer Talents

From lively talents we solely want three. Debilitating Strike which will increase injury completed by 25%, provides 2 PEN and places Distracted and Hobbled afflictions. Typically enemies can resist or take away Distracted from Persistent Distraction and Hobbled, which suggests you gained’t profit from Deathblows. That’s the place Debilitating Strike is available in play as a result of it places Distracted again, making the Deathblows bonus rely once more. Enduring Beacon is a wonderful improve for this construct because it places Blinded on enemies round, making them miss extra which triggers Riposte from Champion’s Cape and the Rogue Riposte passive. Each time you Riposte you additionally heal because it counts as Weapon Injury. The third capacity is Everlasting Devotion, naturally. Added Burn injury is good to have, and it’s a highly effective capability that has elevated Accuracy by 10 when used so scoring a Crit turns into simpler.

Streetfighter Rogue

Crippling Strike – A tremendous capacity that will increase injury dealt by +25% and provides 2 Bonus Penetration. As well as it’s a Full Assault, which means you’ll assault with each weapons directly (in case you Twin Wield). That is the power you may be utilizing probably the most, because it solely prices 1 AP and is on the market very early within the recreation.

Two Weapon Type/Two-Handed Type– Decreases Restoration Time when wielding 2 Weapons or elevated Injury when wielding 2 handed weapon. Which of those you want is dependent upon in the event you went for one weapon in every hand or a two-hander.

Soiled Preventing – Converts 10% of Hits to Crits. Works with Melee Assaults and Talents, making it a should for any injury dealing Class.

Riposte – Probability to make a Full Assault Counter when assault concentrating on Deflection misses.

Persistent Distraction – A tremendous means that places Distracted and Flanked on opponent whenever you interact them in fight, which means that Sneak assault and Deathblows passives are routinely added to your assaults.

Deep Wounds – 20% of Injury dealt added as Uncooked Injury over time. An incredible means for growing your general injury output.

Uncanny Luck – A helpful passive that provides 5% probability to keep away from any assault and provides 5% Hit to Crit conversion that stacks with 10% Hit to Crit conversion from Soiled Preventing.

Slippery Thoughts – A fantastic survival Capability that makes you resistant to Notion, Mind and Resolve Afflictions whereas Bloodied or Close to Dying.

Improved Important – Will increase Crit Injury by 10%, making it a should for any injury dealing Class.

Deathblows – Will increase Injury achieved by 50% with Talents and Weapons towards any opponent that suffers from 2 or extra Afflictions that allow Sneak Assault. Deathblows works greatest with the Persistent Distraction passive as a result of it mechanically places Distraction and Flanked on any enemy that you simply interact, and Distraction and Flanked are each circumstances that allow Sneak Assault.

Metal Garrote Paladin

Everlasting Devotion – Upgraded model of Flames of Devotion. It does bonus 20% Burn injury and grants a buff for 10 secs that will increase injury completed by 10% as Burn from assaults. Additionally it is a Full Assault so in case you are utilizing Two Weapons it strikes with each.

Enduring Beacon – Upgraded model of Superb Beacon. Blinds enemies round you for brief time period, making them miss extra and granting you probability of triggering Riposte. Additionally you and allies close to you get +15 Deflection whereas Blind lasts, making you even more durable to hit.

Deep Religion – Provides +10 to all defenses. This can be a a lot better passive than it appears, and it might be silly to not take it.

Retribution – When struggling injury, achieve a bonus of 5% further injury that stacks as much as 5 occasions to your subsequent weapon assault. Helpful since we’re going to be preventing a number of enemies directly which suggests struggling injury goes to occur rather a lot.

Impressed Defenses – Provides +1 to AR for three sec towards similar injury sort you have been struck with within the first place.

Fight Focus – Provides Focus firstly of the battle. We don’t forged too many Spells with this Build, however we don’t need to be interrupted once we do.

Impressed Path – Will increase most Zeal by 1. Extra Zeal equals extra talents we will use whereas in fight. It’s a no brainer.

Scion of Flame – Provides +1 PEN with something that has Key phrase Hearth. Meaning Everlasting Devotion as properly.

Virtuous Triumph – Grants 25% probability to revive 1 Zeal upon killing an enemy. Should have in order that we will use Enduring Beacon and Everlasting Devotion as a lot as potential.

Stoic Metal – Provides +1 Armor per 6 secs when standing nonetheless. Shifting ends the impact.


Holy Slayer Talents Rotation

I might advocate having a Priest in social gathering in order that they will forged Triumph of the Crusaders and Holy Meditation. Triumph provides +5 to MIG and it heals you upon killing an enemy for a big quantity. Holy Meditation grants the Resolute Inspiration, which will increase Resolve +5 which will increase Deflection. Now you’re able to battle. Both begin choosing off ranged enemies or go towards many enemies directly. Each choices work. Simply concentrate when preventing Four-5 enemies directly. You aren’t immortal or tanky in any respect, you’re merely exhausting to hit at occasions, with simply sufficient sustainability. When preventing a number of enemies Enduring Beacon is your “oh shit” means, to make them miss lots.

Enduring Beacon is essential capability for this construct

The draw back of this construct is that we will solely interact 1 enemy at a time (sporting Contender’s Armor will increase engagement to 2). One in every of many upsides is that we do insane injury because of the excessive variety of injury bonuses, particularly when Bloodied (25%-50% Well being). Crits can go typically near 200 with a Greatsword, which suggests we heal for 30 per such Crit. Heals from Metal Garrote passive depend upon injury severity, however it’s often from 10-30 at greater ranges. Just remember to are utilizing Debilitating Strike as a lot as attainable and afterwards Everlasting Devotion when Guile has been depleted. We’d like Zeal for Enduring Beacon normally. Not solely can we heal from Metal Garrote however from gear as properly. It will even be clever to equip Blackened Plate Armor on one other celebration member to obtain periodic heals from them too.

  1. Buffs Holy Meditation and/or Triumph of the Crusaders
  2. Debilitating Strike
  3. Enduring Beacon if surrounded
  4. Everlasting Devotion when out of Guile
  5. Garrote is optionally available

Last Ideas

This construct is nice for taking down enemies quick and maintaining your self wholesome whereas doing so. Healers will not be required to concentrate to you when you are operating round killing stuff, making celebration administration simpler. This Build may be performed successfully from degree 1, however throughout earlier ranges attempt to keep away from preventing many enemies directly, till higher gear and passives have been obtained. Earlier than that simply play it as a traditional DPS construct, going from enemy to enemy and taking them down quick.

Devastating construct for taking down single enemy quick.

Expertise which might be helpful for this construct rely upon gear, resulting from a few of it scaling with sure Expertise. If not one of the issues that you’ve outfitted in the intervening time don’t scale with sure Expertise then Alchemy or Athletics are probably the most helpful ones for this construct. Medicine, though nerfed, are nonetheless ok. For instance Mouth Char, Coral Snuff and Svef are all nice decisions.

Keep tuned for extra Pillars of Eternity 2 Build Guides, as we make some extra particular Guides overlaying a few of the most enjoyable and fascinating mixtures we might discover. If there’s a particular mixture you want to see, please submit within the feedback and we’ll do our greatest to accommodate!